This is me, Jayde, with my two reasons for living right here! These two gorgeous girls who call me mum. We also have a very supportive man in the house we kind of love as well, we call him daddy and he gives the best piggy back rides. We live in a regional town about an hour north of Melbourne and we just love our little community. We love family adventures, cafe dates and lounge room dance parties!

I've worn many different hats career wise, but most centre around hospitality. My educational background has seen me studying cookery and hospitality management, graphic design and my most recent success was completing my bachelor of science in microbiology.

Right now I'm enjoying my most important job of all, being mum to my girls. Around my mum duties I also have some fun sharing my cooking adventures in a food blog called Easy Pleasy Food and I love combining my hobbies in food with my scientific background. One of my latest adventures is learning the science of ice cream making; maybe one day you'll see an ice cream bar pop up at one of the High Tea Benefit events.

I love tea, all kinds of tea. I love the simplicity of creating such an enjoyable experience with just leaves and water; and nothing else (although I won't judge you if like your tea with milk and sugar!). I've been a barista on and off since high school but it took me until my late 20's to realise I don't actually like hot coffee  (I kept trying to be a coffee drinker) so now I'm a proud decaf iced latte with almond milk drinker and I don't care how hipster that sounds!


 I've always had a love of tea and high teas and now as a mother I've grown a deeper understanding of the importance of giving back and doing good in this world. And so the simple concept of hosting high tea events to raise money to donate to charities and organisations doing good in the world was born. It wasn't long after starting The High Tea Benefit that the itch to create my own tea blends started; and so after a few months of lots and lots of testing different recipes I launched my very own line of organic loose leaf craft tea. Now called That Tea Company I am constantly shoving cups of tea under my families noses as I work on creating more and more blends for the collection. There are some exciting times ahead!

Jayde Emma Kate
Founder & Tea Maker
This is me...