Reusable Cotton Tea Bags by Soul Eco

Reusable Cotton Tea Bags by Soul Eco

Resuable cotton tea bags by Soul Eco


These reusable cotton tea bags are the perfect edition to your tea cupboard. They are unbleached, chemical-free and eco-friendly. Fill them with your favourite blend and dunk as you would a regular store bought tea bag!


When you're finished empty the used leaves into the compost, rinse in water and hang to dry ready for the next cup of tea! 


Soul Eco is an Australian eco store dedicated to reducing single use plastics, one product at a time. To see more of their range visit 

  • We are currently experiencing some delays due to covid. Please be patient with us as we work with our couriers to get your order to you as fast as possible.

  • Please dispose of your used tea leaves thoughtfully (hint - they make great compost!) then rinse your infuser under warm water and leave to dry. Not dishwasher safe!