Pearl - Black Tea 50g

Pearl - Black Tea 50g


Introducing the Pearl Tea by That Tea Company!


A fruity first impression followed by a traditional black tea with fragrances of bergamot. This black tea blend is made from 100% organic ingredients, hand blended in Melbourne and made in small batches to ensure each cup has the authentic unique blend of flavours found only in The Pearl. This black tea blend is a fruity twist on a classic earl grey with a quintessential earl grey begining followed by the sweet zing of pineapple. A perfect start to the day, a cup of The Pearl will invigorate your mind and body long into the day. The bold flavours in The Pearl are also perfect as an iced tea, just chill and add a few slices of orange. Each bag contains a generous 25 serves, you may however, notice a difference in weight and volume between the blends, this is due to the size/weight of individual ingredients but the number of ideal serves remains consistent.


We are also proud to say our tea pouches are 100% biodegradable/compostable after the removal of the label. We strive to make our products as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. While the label at this stage needs to be removed we are working on bringing a you a biodegradable label in the future. 


To ensure your tea arrives to you fresh, we make them in small batches and often to order. Therefore please allow up to a week for your order to be shipped, especially during sales. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for supporting our small business. In a hurry for tea time? Drop us an email at and we will do our best to help you get it faster!


  • The Pearl ingredients: organic earl grey tea, organic dried pineapple, organic orange peel.

    Our ingredients are sourced from a certified organic supplier making all of the ingredients 100% organic. There are no preservatives or artificial flavourings added making your cup of tea 100% natural. 

    While we there are no known allergens in the ingredients we do advise that the tea is blended using equipment that is also used to produce other products that contain gluten, nuts, dairy and other allergens. However, every effort is made to ensure thorough cleaning before and after use.