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I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with the incredible family behind Chasing Double Rainbows for JJ to bring you the very first High Tea Benefit. I want to introduce a little background into this amazing family.

In 2016, at age three, Jenna (JJ) was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Brain Cancer. Jenna underwent brain surgery and 33 rounds of radiation. Jenna has now just turned six and is healthy and enjoying life in her first year of school. Chasing Double Rainbows for JJ was founded by Jenna's parents so that there was a central place for Jenna's family and friends to help raise funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundaiton. The family has already raised over $7,000 and I feel honoured to be able to help them raise even more.

It is our pleasure to announce that the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is the first of many charities The High Tea Benefit will begin to support. Profits from the High Tea Benefits - High Tea for JJ will go towards the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

To read more about what the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is all about "click here."


Look at these happy smiling faces. On the right is my mini me and on the left is her gorgeous friend Jenna, the inspiration behind Chasing Double Rainbows for JJ. 

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